"The Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work

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The Veils of Illusion

by Rich Work

"The world you perceive is the world you choose to see,
and there is no interpretation free from your perception."

You have lived in a world of separation, where power has been used to control humanity. Distortions, illusions, thought forms and other energies have been designed to create holographic veils obstructing your ability to see your truth.

Visualize many layers of cellophane (veils) separating your vision from divine truth, each layer being an image of distortion and illusion. Just when you believe you have penetrated the veil, you realize there is yet another veil beyond it and these veils continue like a maze, moving you from one distorted reality to another. Fear is the only magnetic attraction holding you within this maze.

With each proclamation, you transmute interfering energies which you created or accepted throughout the journey of the soul.

Are you prepared to be free?
Free of the holographic veils of illusion interfering with your ability to perceive your truth?
Are you prepared to accept responsibility for your world without distortion and illusion?

It is time to remove the veils separating you from divine truth.

It is time to remove the veils of illusion.
From "The Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work:
Controlling Energies
I (state your name) proclaim my life is my own.

I close all windows, portals and doorways allowing another to observe

or manipulate my energies as far as they extend,

and transmute all energies connected to this experience

into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I choose to be well, whole and perfect of mind, body and soul.

I call forth all controlling energies

experienced throughout the journey of my soul

and all those connected to these energies.

I call forth all aspects of their Being,

all aspects of my Being and the nucleus of the Soul

on all levels of consciousness to be present and accept this healing.

I call forth all soul expressions,

elementals, thought forms, patterns and programs

to stand before me, as I stand before you, in love.

I ask you to forgive and honor me. I forgive and honor you.

I embrace you in love.

I thank you for the lessons we have shared.

I embrace all bonds between us in Unconditional Love

and transmute all interfering energies

into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I call forth all laws I own, all beliefs I have, all vows I hold,

all invocations I have made and received,

all contracts and agreements which exist

creating distortions, illusions, images, holograms,

symbols and psychic messages, causing unrest within my Being,

I transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I call forth all invasive energies,

including thought forms, programs or substances

administered to me, or created by me,

forming separation, distortion, illness or illusion within my Being.

I transmute you into the divine expression of Creative Love

and return you to your creator source

to be used only as a positive, productive energy.
I call forth my cells, creative energies,

all personalities and aspects of my Being

to integrate into my wholeness and align in Divine Perfection.

I call forth all energy forms,

creating a response in my Being

out of alignment with the essence of my soul and divine truth,

and transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love

and return you to your creator source

to be used as a positive, productive energy.

Whatever thought forms or energies I own,

encouraging or causing harm to my Being, I return to their creator source.

All residues I hold within my Being

I transmute into the divine expression of Creative Love

to become a powerful, positive, productive energy.

I command any energy or programming

administered to me with or without my permission

altering or limiting my ability to freely connect my mind, body and soul

and experience my wholeness be reversed in divine perfection.

I proclaim sovereignty.

I proclaim dominion over my skills.

I claim my free-will choice.

I claim dominion over my mind, body and soul.

I have grown. I am empowered. I stand in my truth.

I call forth and integrate my true identity expressing Itself as (state your name).

I acknowledge all those who share this experience.

I offer you this healing.

I embrace you in Unconditional Love

and transmute all interfering energies

into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I proclaim my peace of mind,

and the peace of mind for all humanity.

And so it is.

Repeat these proclamations for additional support:
Aligning My Energies

From the Divine Love within my Being.

I command all my energy systems

align in divine perfection.

And so it is.

Centered and Balanced

I command to be present, balanced, centered and focused

here and now, in the third dimension,

with one personality and one compartment

responding to (state your name).

And so it is.

"An Awesome book! The Veils of Illusion is packed full of valuable, much needed information. Every story brings awareness to the energetic imbalances that allow fear and disease. As each reader discerns their truth they can choose the precise proclamations and solutions needed to make the appropriate shifts in consciousness and re-balance their body, finding true healing. Rich's true desire to help humanity shines through each page. This book is a must read for anyone looking to fill their life with Health, Happiness and Joy." - Dr. Melinda Benn

"At this crucial point in time, it is important we learn to listen and discern with our hearts instead of our conditioned minds. This book is a practical guide to doing that. If you want to discover Truth on many levels and be empowered to make choices which support you and the planet, read this book" - Marsha L. Green, Ph.D.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

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